Vin's Bells

Vin's Bells


The making of a mobile Carillon

B4 to C7
B4 to C7

First the bells must be cast

A carillon has a minimum of 23 bells. Anything less is classed as a chime.
My carillon will have 26 bells and will be mobile.
The carillon will range from B4 to C7.
Not only are these bells a musical instrument, they also take an artistic form.
This is a challenging project as I will undertake all aspects myself including the bell making, the mobile frame, the keyboard and the key board mechanism.

I am not aware of any personally built carillons, or aware of any mobile carillons in Australia. If anyone has any information regarding this, please shoot me an email with any details you may have.

Carillon frame base

  I am being a very naughty boy, as I have not done any physical drawings, They are indelible in my head space! The photo shows the batten key frame sitting on the base frame.

Vin Dowd